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My experience was excellent, my Lindberg glasses are amazing. Nadeem is very kind, elegant and very competent. I absolutely recommend this opticians.


Andrea Floris


Such a great place to get an eyewear! It is because of the way I am shortsighted not every optometrist can get my eyes back in focus well, but Tahira she is simply impeccable optometrist: professional, helpful and friendly. And I could say just the same about Imranali, who kindly helped me to choose frame, and Nadeem for priceless assistance finding suitable lenses.


Valda Urbelyte


Great experience. They helped me get my glasses in less than six hours!. Nadeem and Farhaan helped so much! Thank you!


Jalal Selo



My consultation with optician Tahira should be text book reading for all those involved in the provision of health services: - She actively and empathically listened to the symptoms I related and which has been causing pain for quite a few months - She explained the kind of tests which could be done to assess the condition and following my approval conducted a Dry Eye Test, in addition to my usual eye test and retinal examination - The condition, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction [MGD], was diagnosed and Tahira explained in very clear terms the kind of treatment I would need to follow for two weeks - She established a treatment plan which, again, is excellent in terms of contents and clarity and which can be easily used by other health care professionals treating me, let alone find its place in my medical records - MGD may not be a “terminal” disease but it is rather painful and troublesome, and after treatment I am now enjoying clear vision, without having to rub my eyes non stop. I cannot recommend InFocus highly enough for their overall professionalism and support.


Fran Husson


All my friends have been coming to Infocus for a number of years- we have always had a good experience and excellent care. Tahira took great trouble to explain to me about my eyes and did a thorough examination and I felt completely confident in her. Nadeem has many years experience in taking good care of us and managing the practice.


Olivia Gerrish


As I am involved in sustainable fashion, my choice of glasses was important. I discovered Modo whilst in Italy and so was delighted when I found the perfect pair in Infocus.

I received excellent service- they fitted me in straight away and I was even able to see the Modo rep so I could view the whole collection. 

I would highly recommend the team at Infocus.

Nikki Mattei


The eye care at Infocus is exceptional. The eye exams are very thorough, both for vision and health checks, and Tahira listens carefully to any questions, and answers them thoroughly. I don't think I've ever had such thorough and comprehensive eye exams before, and I've worn glasses and contacts for over 50 years. 
They also stock a wide selection of top-quality glasses, and Nadeem is incredibly knowledgeable about fitting and selection. I have a sort of difficult nose to fit, but he's helped me choose multiple pairs of glasses and sunglasses over the last few years. I pop in regularly for adjustments, and I'm always greeted warmly from the whole team. I feel really fortunate to have Infocus as my neighbourhood opticians!
Kind regards, and thanks for all your help over these last few years.



Clare Schneider


Walked in, was treated like a king. Fantastic customer service and left with a top quality product. Would recommend Infocus Opticians to everyone!


AmirAli Merali


Excellent optician. Highly recommend this place to anyone. The resident optometrist Tahira was a delight to deal with, she explained things about my eyes and glasses that nobody has told me in 30 years of eye tests and wearing glasses. I really felt that she cared about my wellbeing and that I fully understood everything. The guys at the front are also great, patiently helping me choose frames and making suggestions. No hard sell whatsoever. Deals for local businesses.




My appointment was with Tahira, she was professional and friendly. She was also very thorough, taking the time to make sure I understood all the implications and answer any questions I had. Ultimately I felt well looked after.


M Brozy


I have been to a number of opticians in London but none has compared with the service of INFOCUS. My eye examinations by Tahira are very professional, not hurried and everthing explained in detail. 

My lens fitting and help with choice of glasses was done with care and patience by Imran. 

I also get my contact lenses through them and always go there for sunglasses. 

I highly recommend INFOCUS. 


Ashley Leiman


This is a really friendly and welcoming local opticians with experienced staff who know their stuff. As well as the standard eye test, you can also have the more detailed scan of the eye if you want to, but there's no high pressure sales pitch. There is a pretty good range of frames, and you can choose lenses from different manufacturers, depending on what you want. These are manufactured to order by specialist companies, not rolled of a production line in store, so you might have to wait a bit longer than the chains that offer same day lenses, but you get what you pay for. There is also an audiologist in store 3 days a week, so you can have your hearing checked there as well.


Robin Cuthbertson


The ambiance has changed in the last one year in 'Infocus' Opticians, 19 Melcombe Street, London NW1 6AG. It is whitewashed, clean and well-lit. Spectacles are displayed elegantly in glass racks. It seems one Dr Tahira Khaki has bought the place and given it the come-on look. She has brought in the latest equipment and can look at the back of your eye and photgraph it too, one of the few places this facility is available..

She has excellent bedside manners, soothes you, comforts you and makes you welcome. Her understanding of the subject is second to none. 

One Mr Nadeem runs the office and charges for the glasses made and medicines provided.


Charles Russell


The shop is some 50 meters away away from my home so it was an obvious choice when I first went there some 10 years ago. I am still going and not just because of the convenience. Through the years staff have changed, but the service I have received has always been excellent and their advice very helpful indeed (notably in connection with a recent cataract operation). I also think that the prices I have been charged have been very reasonable. I have not done comparative checks, but, because I have been a long-standing client, I trust the shop's management.


Andrea Boltho


I've had the pleasure of working with Tahira elsewhere and I'm yet to meet a more thorough optometrist who genuinely cares about her patients more than she does. Would highly recommend!

Shaahid HJ


Combining excellent clinical and customer service, this local optician is possibly the best in the business.
Tahira, the resident optician is professional and warm, enthusiastically explaining the intricacies of her work. Always a pleasure to get your eyes tested with her.
Nadim, the opthologist dispenser, is hospitable, honest and patient. He made it as easy as possible to help me choose the right pair, which clearly demonstrates his emphasis on customer care. He's also a great conversationalist.
It's always a pleasure to do business with Infocus. Thanks for everything.


Hana Mori


As an independent teenager I felt so grateful to have been served by Infocus' team and I got my first glasses satisfyed and proud of my choice. I have tried so many opticians that in front of my prescription they demoralized me or even worst they tried to cheat on me due to my young age. After a while I found this shop and the gentleman Mr. Imranali welcomed me and transmitted me the feeling I was in the right place. I received consulting from Mr. Nadeem who gave me the hope to finally change my glasses after four years. His consulting has been fulfilling, honest and clear. Thanks to his support I got a pair balanced between quality and beauty. He addressed me just following the need of my eyes, without looking to let me spend and not getting any changes. My eyes are finally relaxed, headaches stopped and tiredeness is gone! Many thanks also to the optometrist Miss Tahira who has been patient to explain me everything I could not understand during the eye test and to be kind and reassure with my problem. It has been my best experience in this sector, I finally find someone to trust and gave me the opportunity to "discover" a new world! Absolutely reccomended! They have a solution for any issues! Looking forward to deal with you guys. I will see you for sure in a couple of months for my contact lenses. Infocus gave me the best Christmas gift. You will not be disappointed.


Liz G.


The reason I regard Mrs Tahira M. Khaki as the Rolls Royce of opticians is the expertise she applied to my detailed optical eye examination.

Various lenses of different intensity were placed n front of my eyes to focus on graduation of letters on a chart a short distance away. This was to check for any lens modification for my glasses prescription..

She used the Optomap to photograph the retinal area at the back of  the eyes. She checked for any development of the image related to macular degeneration. She noted tiny yellow spots on the left side so she advised wearing sunglasses when the weather is sunny or bright.

Tahira's mission now accomplished, I, Maria Maroudas her patient, trotted away contentedly. 



Maria Maroudas


Fantastic customer service and even better... they sold me the best glasses I have ever had. So happy I went to InFocus after years of trying Vision Express. My eyes used to always get tired at the end of the day working on the computer but now they don't. I also appreciate the extra time taken to check my eye health, prescription and helping me choose a good frame and lens. Thank you Tahira, Nik and Nadeem - you're great!


Tim Kent


Great service and professional staff. I was helped choosing the perfect frames as well as getting an eye test that was a brilliantly smooth process. Need more professional opticians in Westminster like this!


Haseeb Rizvi


My wife was treated here by Tahira Mahdiya and the service was very comfortable and friendly.


Faridoon Taha


Excellent service! I needed contact lenses for my wedding day and my optician Tahira made sure I received the best care! She did all the necessary tests and advised me of the best/most suitable solutions. She made sure I was comfortable in the chosen contact lenses by checking up on me and giving advice. I'm so happy I chose Infocus. Thankyou Tahira for being a part of my special day. smile


Noor Hussain


I used to work nearby and continue to return to Infocus Opticians in Melcombe Street. The emphasis remains firmly on eye health and the helpful staff take time to explain how vision changes over time and to suggest the best adjustments to frames and lenses. Recently, a potential problem in one eye was detected, a referral immediately made and the issue confirmed and fixed nearby the same day. I recommend you give them a try.




One of the most professional Opticians I have ever been to. They have a very special customer service, who look after their patients and give very good advice. Especially with my very specific optical needs.


Omareeto Sayid


Thank you for your service.
I have been going to opticians for more than 20 years. I have never been satisfied with their prescription, even though I have been to quite a few opticians.
I took a chance, after 5 years of not visiting anyone, of visiting Infocus. I cannot recommend them enough. The consultation was so thorough, not even in the eye hospital did I have that. I am so satisfied with the whole outcome. It was excellent, friendly, professional and made me feel very at home.
Thank you again.

Anna Limosan


Went in for an eye test and to get a new pair of glasses. The service was excellent!., Imran waited patiently as I annoyingly tried every single pair of glasses in the shop and finally found the perfect pair. My daughter had broken my last pair and needed a new one asap, Imran made sure I got my glasses within a couple of days. Infocus you just got a customer for life, I am sure I will be back soon when my daughter decided to break my next pair. :)


Murtaza Merali


The care and service of Infocus Opticians really stand out: thorough and paced examinations with plenty of time to ask questions and seek advice, something I really appreciate as an older person suffering from various long term conditions.  The continuity of care has been maintained over the years which in itself is a feat.  The choice of suitable lenses and frames is not only second to none, but also offered in a leisurely and friendly environment.  Perfection !!

F. Husson


Fran Husson


Consistent, efficient advice and service from a friendly, professional team. As a customer for over 15 years, I would highly recommend Infocus Opticians.




After my bad experience at Visioncare opticians (Baker Street), I went to Infocus and I loved it! People there are extremely kind and do care about the costumer. I did an appointment for contact lenses and the doctor was very kind and helpful. I ordered some contact lenses and they arrived quickly!


Ana Faria


In Focus offer a professional and friendly service where customer satisfaction is paramount.


Tony Van Langenberg


This is an excellent opticians. I have been coming here for years. The opticians are very good, helpful, and don’t try to make you buy anything or prescribe unnecessarily. I found their prescriptions and service excellent.




I love this opticians. The opthalmist reminds me of an Asian Kenneth Williams, funny, kind and very very good at his job. Highly recommended!




Absolutely superb. Optician very patient. Explained all the options fully and completely. Did not try to oversell frames. Did not have to wait and was treated really politely.




I have been a customer of Infocus since Nik Banurji took over in 2008 and I have always had the best attention and treatment from him and his staff. Eye tests/assessments are important and also a matter of trust and on this score I am a very happy and satisfied customer.


Sigrid B


Nik has been my optometrist for more than five years – his expertise and care is second to none. His eye examinations are incredibly thorough and his opthalmic equipment state of the art. When it comes to ones eyes and eye health you need a real expert and Nik is that expert.


Marc Balhetchet


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