We’ve been extremely lucky with the weather in London and with sports tournaments galore this summer, we feel even more fortunate! From the exciting twists and turns of the FIFA World Cup 2018, to Djokovic’s fantastic win at Wimbledon this year, as well as action from the Tour de France, we’ve really had a great time witnessing it all.

There are still sporting tournaments going on; currently the international cricket is in full swing and cricket happens to be one of our favourite sports! The India international cricket team are touring England until September 2018, playing five test matches, three One Day Internationals and three Twenty20 International matches. History has already been made with the first Test match of the tour, at the beginning of August, being the 1000th to be played by England!

It’s also great to see that one of our very own patients- the talented batsman Dawid Malan, who is also the captain of Middlesex County Cricket Club, played in the England squad for Twenty20 International games, as well as two One Day Internationals.

It’s always a happy affair when Dawid Malan comes to get his eyes tested at Infocus Opticians!

We feel privileged to be looking after his eyes and have been doing so for some time. Regular eye examinations are incredibly important to check the eyes; especially as vision and eye health can be affected by the sun’s harmful rays. In the current weather, we also encourage you to protect your eyes from the sun with quality sunglasses.

With more cricket matches coming up, including another test match at Lords this Sunday, it’s essential to wear the right eyewear to protect your vision and improve your visual experience. We’ve got some insights for you into how cricketers and spectators alike can get the most out of their games this summer.

The Science Behind Sunglasses for Cricket Players

Cricket is usually played on a wide, vast pitch – the perfect opportunity for light to come flooding onto the pitch and cause players to squint in the brightness. Therefore, several cricket players don sports sunglasses, or prescription sports sunglasses, depending on their vision.

As well as protecting their eyes, sports sunglasses offer improved visual accuracy and clarity and can have a special polarised lens coating incorporated to reduce glare from the sun. With improvement in overall cricketing performance, it’s evident that sports sunglasses are a must when playing in bright and sunny conditions.

Liam Dawson wearing Adidas sports sunglasses

Benefits of Sports Sunglasses for Cricket Players

Sunny weather conditions aren’t the only time when a player could benefit from sports sunglasses, though. Adidas used to be one of the official sponsors for the England Cricket team, and even conducted a training session when the England squad went to India to play in a tournament. After intensive training to test various Adidas sunglasses, each with different lens tints and designs.

They particularly favoured the LST Vario lenses, which are built with a contrast enhancing and light harmonising LST (light stabilising technology). The mirrored lens tint also adapts to different light conditions, with no changing of lenses necessary to do so. It enabled the red of the cricket ball to stand out a lot from the backdrop of the pitch, as the lenses promote the red end of the spectrum and reduce blue and green light.

Overall, this research by Adidas demonstrated that whilst wearing a suitable pair of sports sunglasses, cricketers could improve their chances of spotting the ball by up to 28% more than without sunglasses.

With improved visual clarity, accuracy and comfort, not to mention polarisation options, adjustable nose pads, and height adaptation for a comfortable fit, it’s hard to see why a cricket player wouldn’t opt to wear a pair!

England cricketer James Anderson wearing Adidas Evil Eye Evo sunglasses

Polarised Sunglasses for Spectators

Spectating at a cricket match is not much different to playing when it comes to sun protection for the eyes. Ever wondered why you’re squinting even though partially shaded from the sun? On such a wide, open space, glare is still prevalent, reflecting off the pitch and bat straight into your eyes.

Glare can be uncomfortable and even blinding, potentially ruining the experience of watching a live game, as well as causing your eyes to strain even more to see the activity on the pitch.

Glare from the sun affects cricketers and spectators alike. Polarised sunglasses cut out glare, enhancing your vision and comfort.

So, as well as getting glasses that offer 100% UV protection, think about getting polarised sunglasses lenses to sharpen up those greens, whites and red balls on the pitch, and enjoy the game in comfort.

Polarised sunglasses are also handy for drivers and beach goers alike, eliminating horizontal glare from the sun reflecting off the sea, sand, car bonnets and even tarmac. Most prescriptions can also be made up for sunglasses, whether polarised or not.

Whether you’re looking for polarised or prescription sunglasses before going to watch the cricket, if you’re going on holiday, or are a sporty individual who wants to invest in a good quality pair of sports sunglasses; we’re sure we can find a great pair for you.

Tom Ford Leo Classic Polarised Sunglasses with tortoiseshell frames and green lenses.

From the world class Adidas, or Maui Jim sunglasses, to stylish designer frames from Ray Ban, Cartier, or Tom Ford, you’ll have plenty of eyewear to choose from, and our experts at hand to give advice!

Feel free to book an eye examination online and if you would like to contact us about advice on getting normal or sports sunglasses this summer, click here, or call us on 0208 629 1152.