The highest standard of care, the latest optical technology and knowledge, highly experienced staff and the most world-renowned fashion brands in stock. Who are we talking about?! Yep, you’ve got it.

Infocus Opticians in London!

At Infocus Opticians in London we believe in caring for everyone that walks through our doors and serving our patients with the care. Whether you have been a familiar face to us for years or you’ve just come to us with a broken pair of frames, we treat every individual with the utmost respect and care.

Infocus Opticians is not your regular London optician. Set in the heart of Baker Street, we see a wide range of different cultures, lifestyles, professions and experiences in our area and our store reflects exactly that. Timeless eyewear pieces infused with high-fashion and affordable luxury; we can guarantee to find a pair of frames for anyone and everyone.

Using the latest technology combined with our highly experienced staff members, we are passionate about eye care – not just on the day of your appointment but every day in between. That’s why we use hi-tech equipment such as our Cobra HD+ with its retinal imaging feature to detect eye conditions way before you may be experiencing any symptoms. We want to educate our patients to know exactly what the status of their eye health is and offer practical every day tips they can take away to understand the importance of their eye health and the effects that it can have on their everyday health.

Here at Infocus Opticians, we care about serving the wider community – whether you are a tourist passing through or you are a professional in and out of the area every day. As part of our commitment to the area, we also provide vision screening and eye examinations for several local companies. This amazing service is open to anyone who works in our local area and includes includes VDU screening, industry specific testing and full eye examinations. We also carry a comprehensive range of safety spectacles, suitable for most types of industrial protection.

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Whether you are looking for a new opticians to go to or you have special concerns on the health of your eyes, Infocus opticians are the opticians in London, here to help you. For more information on our background, our services, news and updates, please click on the below:



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