We’ve all done it. Skimmed through the colourful range of frames and edged just that bit closer to the “neutral” tones section. Why? A lot of the time, at Infocus, we hear, “I wouldn’t know what to wear with that” or “colours don’t really suit me”.

Erm… let us disagree!
We believe there is a colour, shape and design unique to every individual if you know how to style yourself well. If you look at glasses or sunglasses as more of an accessory rather than just a necessity, you will find your frames can completely transform your look.

Here are our top eyewear style tips for taking coloured frames to the streets…


What colours or patterns do you lean towards? Do you reach out for the all-black ensemble or love to pop down to your local grocery store in ambitious floral prints? Whatever it may be, know your style. Working alongside a dispensing optician, it will be much easier to bring your vision to reality by knowing the kinds of clothing you wear on a daily basis.

If your style language is an all-black piece, why don’t you heat up your eyewear game with these “Heat Up 1” frames by WOOW.

Or if floral prints is your choice of style for the day, why not match them with a striking pair of frames like these ivory “Good Mood 1” by WOOW.


Do you only get your frames out when you’re on your last contact lenses and forgot to order some more? (No names mentioned!) Or do you love glamming up an evening outfit with another accessory? Whatever it is, make sure you know what you want your glasses for.

As we always say, if you need more than 1 pair of shoes, why not have more than one pair of glasses?

For a daytime look, why not try these black and tortoiseshell frames from WOOW called “Right Now 1”. And, yes, we certainly do want them right now! For a demure look, this frame could work for a morning meeting as well as making you look professional and focused.

If you’re a creative with lots to do, around lots of colour and looking for some eyewear inspiration to help with your workload, why not try these dazzling yellow classic aviator shaped frames from WOOW called “Show Off 2”.

Or, if you’re really looking to dazzle the crowd and feeling somewhere in between for a daytime or evening look, why not opt for the two-tone cat-eye frames by WOOW called “Be Happy 2”. We just love the colour combo!


It’s easy to choose black or nude frames when you go on holiday to match every outfit but why not create a whole new look by picking patterned or retro sunglasses? The colours you choose can be a direct reflection of your personality and if you are someone who likes to take those selfies by the pool or simply keep pictures to last you a lifetime, why not look back at yourself through the trend lens?

These “Super Cute” sunglasses are perfect for an evening stroll along the beach or your morning rush to the spa. With darker lenses but a teal frame, this is the perfect mix of classic and contemporary.

The “Super Glam 2” frames are for the bold and brave. With an oversized slight cat-eye finish and neon blue frames, these sunglasses are sure to get you noticed.

Or to simply spice up a retro print outfit, why not pair it up with these gorgeous “Super Pop 2” caramel frames. We’re guessing these go great with a tan!

Whatever your style, lifestyle or occasion, here at Infocus Opticians, we don’t believe you should limit yourself to just one pair of frames in one particular colour. Our qualified dispensing opticians can walk you through why certain shapes suit certain faces and what will make you stand out from the crowd. To view more of the WOOW collection in store or to book an appointment, give us a call today on 020 8629 1152