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We’ve got exciting news for you! One of our favourite eyewear suppliers – MODO eyewear have recently given us exclusive access to their new 3D Carbon collection!

Now, when we say exclusive, we really mean it – we are lucky enough to be one of only six stores in the UK that currently stock this new and innovative eyewear. So, what’s all the fuss about? Let’s delve a little deeper to find out exactly what makes this collection one of a kind…

Diving into the world of MODO glasses

MODO was founded in 1990 and has always produced high quality glasses that are beautifully designed with both simplicity and function in mind. The result? Durable and comfortable yet stylish frames, made from some of the most reputable materials in the eyewear industry, like paper-thin acetate, metal core acetate and their famous paper-thin titanium temples.

They have certainly always been popular in our store due to the variety of styles and colours available for both genders alike!

Now, MODO have raised the bar even further by combining 3D printing, amazingly flexible titanium and carbon reinforced polyamide from Switzerland.  This combines to produce one of their most outstanding collections to date – the 3D Carbon collection.

The Science Behind MODO Eyewear’s 3D Carbon Collection

Like most high-quality glasses, creating such a masterpiece is not as straightforward as it might sound.

3D printing process for carbon is advanced and uses a specific process called Selective Laser Sintering, involving a high-power laser which fuses the smallest of particles together. This gives every frame a minimum weight of 5.4 grams – resulting in one of the lightest collections yet!

modo eyewear

The 3D printed reinforced HIPAC carbon front also derives from the same material used for several components of Sauber’s Formula 1 racing cars, reiterating the superior level of stability and reliability of the frame.

These carbon fiber glasses wouldn’t be complete without MODO’s signature paper-thin titanium temples for increased flexibility and movement – leaving you with one of the best eyewear innovations of the century to date.

With three optical and one sunglasses option in a variety of colours currently available in the collection, it’s safe to say that these carbon glasses frames are definitely worth looking at if you want to up your eyewear game!

Wearing MODO for a Good Cause

As you may know, for every MODO glasses frame that is sold, the profits go towards providing eyecare for children in need in the most poverty-stricken locations around the world, thanks to MODO’s Buy a Frame Help a Child See programme.  This is one eyewear brand that has completely embraced social responsibility and environmental sustainability, making MODO one of our all-time favourite brands in store!

Why not come and see the MODO 3D Carbon collection in store for yourself? Simply contact us online or call us on 0207 224 7400 to speak to our friendly experts for more information, or to book your free MODO eyewear styling consultation – we hope to see you soon!