Step out of Baker Street Underground Station, take a walk down to 221b Baker Street and you’ll find yourself in a place full of mystery, intrigue and wonder. InFocus Opticians is just around the corner from the iconic home of the world famous Sherlock Holmes. We’ve been watching the work of Sherlock and Watson with great interest and recently decided to do some detective work of our own, to solve the mystery of: Sherlock Holmes and the Villain’s Glasses.

Historically, Sherlock Holmes always relied heavily on his trusty 19th century optical instruments to help him to solve case after case. We are of course talking about his microscope and the better known magnifying glass. These were truly technologically advanced tools for Victorian England, revealing details of our world that are usually invisible to the human eye.

Sherlock being the diligent investigator that he was, would only use the most precise and reliable of instruments to help him make his deductions. Indeed, Watson called Holmes “the most perfect reasoning and observing machine the world has ever seen”.

Even with the aid of these tools, Sherlock might have found it a little more difficult to identify villains disguised in sunglasses. The eyes are considered to be the window to the soul, not to mention a feature that makes us instantly recognisable to the rest of the world. This is perhaps the reason why glasses and sunglasses are often used as a disguise nowadays, used most notoriously by celebrities wishing to hide themselves from unwanted paparazzi.

In the latest Sherlock television series, Sherlock and Watson’s arch enemy, Jim Moriarty, is spotted in the episode ‘A Scandal in Belgravia’ standing inconspicuously by Parliament Square, wearing a pair of stylish aviator sunglasses. Aside from shielding his eyes from the sun, these sunglasses work effectively to shroud this villain in mystery and conceal him from his enemies.

However, the real mystery for the team at InFocus was to deduce exactly which pair of sunglasses Moriarty was wearing…

By looking at the distinct aviator style, with its classic tear drop shape, we came to the conclusion that our anti-hero is in fact wearing none other than Ray Ban sunglasses from their iconic aviator range! This stunning pair exudes a sense of classic luxury, with its gold metal rim and light brown gradient lenses – an apt choice for an elusive villain. Mystery solved!

Our knowledge stems from having an extensive collection of this global bestselling brand available to view and purchase, in store. Ray Bans provide both style and top vision protection, so, whether you consider yourself a hero or a villain, just turn around the corner from 221b Baker Street to InFocus Opticians and our expert dispensing opticians will do the detective work to find that perfect frame for you!

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