We clean our teeth, we shower our skin, we brush our hair, we flex our muscles… but when was the last time you did something to look after your visual health? Eyes are the most taken-for-granted organs in the body – they give us the gift of sight, and yet an astounding 1 in 6 Britons hasn’t had a single eye test since childhood!

This is one of the main reasons why we celebrate National Eye Health Week 2017 to raise eye health awareness throughout the UK. This weeklong campaign is designed to educate our patients and local community about eye health problems and to highlight the importance of looking after your whole family’s vision.

September is an excellent time to brush up on your eye health awareness and make your vision a priority, so here are some quick tips to get you started on saving your sight this autumn.

Book an eye test

If your vision seems to be ‘all in working order’ you might not think you need your eyes testing, but eye examinations are not just about checking to see if you need glasses. A comprehensive eye examination is often the only way to identify the earliest symptoms of vision-threatening eye health problems, including macula degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma.

National guidelines recommend that adults get their eyes checked at least once every two years and that children and adults over 70 should book annual check ups.

Our comprehensive eye examinations check for common eye health problems as well as checking your prescription

Limit Your Screen Time

As the weather gets wetter, the days get shorter and Strictly Come Dancing gets going it’s all too easy to hole yourself up inside in front of a computer, TV or iPhone. But spending hours with your eyes glued to screens can cause long lasting damage to your vision. Try to take advantage of the fresh autumn air and get out and about to give your vision a rest.

Another plus of walking in the Great British outdoors is that exercise has proven benefits for your vision – easing intraocular pressure and reducing your risk of contracting glaucoma.

Raise your eye health awareness and reduce screen time this autumn

Eat Healthy

Autumn is the season of bangers and mash, but make sure to add a few autumnal greens – such as kale, chard, cabbage – to your mealtimes to boost your family’s eye health. You could even try jazzing up your mash with sweet potatoes – a great source of eye health-boosting beta carotene!

Use National Eye Health Week 2017 to revamp your diet and boost your visual health

So if you’re looking to raise your eye health awareness this autumn, use National Eye Health Week 2017 as the excuse to boost your visual health and reduce eye health problems for all generations in your family.