Ready for a career change? Gunning for a big promotion? Managing a new team? Whatever your career goals in 2020, you need eyewear to match, and perhaps even accelerate your ambition!

As independent opticians in London, our style experts have years of experience in finding highfliers their perfect pair of frames. So, what look are you hoping to channel in the office this year?

The Leader

Professional, transparent and sophisticated, rimless glasses are a firm favourite with business leaders around the globe – indeed, Steve Jobs’ round rimless frames became synonymous with his dedication to sleek, minimalist design. Rimless frames truly allow your personality to shine through unobstructed. The clear-cut simplicity of this style channels confidence and clarity, whilst the impeccable engineering that underlies the frames echoes a leader’s commitment to finding the very best solutions.

Brands such Silhouette have developed patented technology to ensure their feather-light frames are the most comfortable in the world – Silhouette rimless glasses have even bee worn by NASA astronauts in space. So, if you’re after timeless eyewear to enhance your gravitas, go rimless!

The Creative

Round tortoiseshell frames have been the go-to for media executives and ad agency creatives across the capital for a long time, and although this classic style never goes out of fashion there are plenty more original ways you can showcase your creativity through your eyewear.

Think outside the box and choose frames that make a statement. The latest collection of Tom Ford prescription glasses are inspired by classic shapes, but dare to be different with stand-out details that channel your identity – a metallic brow bar, geometric edges, gold temples. And if you want to really up the ante, colourful frames from the vibrant and quirky WOOW are the perfect way to turn heads in the office and channel your creative confidence.

The Mentor

Seeking a look that is approachable and friendly, whilst maintaining your professional, managerial look? Transparent frames are one of the must-have frame styles of 2020 – we definitely think they’re fashionable without taking away from your seniority. Clear plastic glasses frames help you tread the line between being a respected authority figure, but also a team player that can let their hair down with colleagues after a hard week in the office.

Christopher Cloos’ Scandinavian styles or Oliver Peoples’ clear plastic glasses frames are brilliant eyewear options for anyone looking to appear open, transparent and professional, but also game for a laugh.

Your eyewear plays a huge role in how you’re perceived at work, so let your frames do the talking and steer you towards your career goals in 2020 and beyond. Visit Infocus independent opticians in London for your free personal styling consultation, and our dedicated dispensing team will help match you with your perfect pair so you can get working in style!