This Spring, we’ve come up with some different ways to look after your eyes so they continue to sparkle and shine behind those perfect designer frames.

Here are our top 6 Eye Treats for you to indulge in this Spring:


Yes, that’s right! Every morning/day you use these very special eye care treatment solutions that could potentially change your image that day. Allow a black tea bag to cool and place over your eyes for 20 – 30 minutes to reduce the look fatigue, puffiness and dark circles. Avoid using green tea or herbal tea bags as the effects of these specific bags are not as strong as black tea bags.


Choose carefully and make sure you pick a cream that’s suitable for use around your delicate eye area. Smooth the cream carefully around the eye, making sure not to let any get into your eyes. Many creams claim various things, like plumping up deep wrinkles, illuminating dark circles and removing any puffiness to give your eyes a smooth, lifting and firm effect. Mainly we love them because it’s a little treat that can make you feel pampered!


Believe it or not, looking at your phone or computer screen constantly can cause digital eye strain which has negative impacts on your general health (headaches, dizziness) as well as your visual health. Getting outside for some fresh air or looking 20 metres away from your screen for 20 seconds can help immensely.


We’ve all seen this cliched beauty trick – but it really does work! Lay a couple of freshly cut cucumber slices over your eyes then lay back and relax for about 15 minutes. Let the ascorbic and caffeic acids naturally present in the cucumber work their magic to reduce water retention and therefore any puffiness around the eyes.


In order to help with combatting problematic skin and cooling down your eyes, add a drop of rose water into your water and splash on your face. The rose water adds a soothing effect around the eyes and onto the skin which will make the world of difference to your day.


Some of you reading this will consider this last treat to be the most luxurious of them all! Sleep does truly help your eyes. If you are well rested and get the required 7/8 hours as prescribed by professionals, you are less likely to have puffiness around the eyes or tired looking eyes/skin.

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