Escaping to the mountains this winter?  If you’re planning on hitting the ski slopes, you’ll need to gear up to keep your body warm, your head safe and your eyes protected.  We can’t help you out with your salopettes, but we’re more than equipped to kit you out with stylish and streamlined eyewear from the latest collection of Adidas skiing goggles and ski glasses.

But what qualities should you be looking out for when investing in your winter sports eyewear?

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The best snowboard goggles and best ski goggles for all mountain conditions can make such a huge difference to your performance



You want your eyewear to last for many seasons to come, so the best ski goggles and ski glasses are manufactured from flexible, premium quality materials. As a globally renowned sports brand, Adidas designs winter sports eyewear around exceptional performance. Every pair is engineered to withstand the harshest climates using flexible acetates, polycarbonates and fabrics that stand the test of time.


Adidas skiing goggles are equipped with Vision Advantage™ polycarbonate lenses for absolute clarity on the piste whatever the conditions, whilst their polarised ski goggles are designed with a near-panoramic field of vision.  Worried about your lenses fogging up in cold conditions? Ski goggles also come with built-in ventilation systems to minimise condensation and free you to enjoy every detail of the incredible mountain landscapes.

best ski goggles london

Adidas’ best sports goggles and sunglasses for the winter sport and skiing season



Adidas skiing goggles and ski glasses are also designed to give your eyes the ultimate protection against the elements. Polarisation technology blocks 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, eliminates distracting glare bouncing off the snow which could obscure your vision, and highlights hidden bumps in the snow.

In this way high performance polarised ski goggles offer you absolute clarity through both the coldest blizzards and the brightest spring days. In addition, ski eyewear protects your eyes from cold air, airborne ice crystals and debris as you cruise down the slopes.


Comfort is also a factor when considering investing in the best ski goggles and ski glasses. Weighing in at just 80 grams, Adidas skiing goggles are some of the lightest on the market, whilst auto-fit nose padding moulds to your features for a seamless fit and absolute comfort throughout the day.


Skiwear is more than a little bit about looking suave on the mountain, and the latest collection of Adidas skiing goggles delivers big in the style department. Panoramic mirrored and tinted lenses are available in seven new colourways that correspond with matching ski glasses, so you can rock a consistent style whatever the conditions.

Adidas ski goggles london

Infocus Opticians is one of the largest stockists of Adidas skiing goggles in London


If you’re lucky enough to be heading to the mountains this ski season and are looking to invest in a pair of the best ski goggles or ski glasses, why not arrange a visit to see us and try on different styles from the latest Adidas collection today? Contact us to arrange your personal Adidas styling consultation online, or call our expert team on 0207 224 7400.