Sports Vision Assessments

What is a Sports Vision Assessment?
In a game, the difference between a good player and a great player is in the details. Through a thorough hour-long eye examination and extra specialised tests, we will be able to assess your accuracy, your level of hand-eye-coordination, your judgement of the position of the ball/target and areas of strength and potential improvements. This enables us to together come up with a personalised action plan for you to optimise your game.


Why book a Sports Vision Assessment with us?
We have worked with many athletes previously, and to put it simply, we know our stuff. We are the official Sports Vision Opticians for Middlesex County Cricket Club, and the players and coaches trust us with their eyes and we work together to enhance their visual potential to perform better and better each year.

Whether a professional athlete or a budding sports enthusiast, we believe in the necessity of having a sports vision assessment. Stay at the top of your game. Book with us today.