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At Infocus Opticians, we are focused on delivering unrivalled standards of eye care to our patients.

We understand the importance of looking after your eye health but also the customer service that comes with it.

Our team has experience in optical health and are dedicated to looking after your eyesight. We use cutting edge technology to ensure that your eye examinations are thorough, reducing the risk of potential eye problems, of high quality and even higher standards.


Founded in Austria in 1964, Silhouette’s founders prioritized spectacles’ role as a desirable fashion accessory rather than their job as a technical visual aid. In a world first, Silhouette was the first optical brand to feature on the international fashion catwalks, cementing its on-trend reputation. Thus, with its roots firmly threaded through the fashion world, the eyewear designer has positioned itself as the go-to brand for every discerning spectacle wearer.


Silhouette glasses are famed worldwide for blending exceptional vision and effortless style. Each pair is crafted with the individual wearer in mind, fitting seamlessly with your face shape and lifestyle to create an unparallel optical experience.

Yet, Silhouette boasts equally impressive technical prowess for the outstanding engineering inherent within each pair of glasses. Indeed, such is their focus on perfection, that NASA selected the brand to provide the standard eyewear to its astronauts in 2000.

This drive to achieve excellence means their no-hinge, lightweight frames are as comfortable as they are stylish – hence why they’re the glasses-of-choice for A-listers such as Elton John, Carla Bruni, Lady Gaga, Patrick Demsey and Cate Blanchett.


Pioneering spirit has fast-tracked Silhouette’s reputation as an iconic optical brand that delivers on both exceptional vision and style. Crafted to last, every pair features the highest quality materials, visionary design and the very latest optical technology.

So if these frames are exceptional enough for zero gravity and the international catwalks, they’re good enough for us here at Infocus Opticians.


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