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Prescription Sunglasses

Practicality makes life so much easier. At Infocus Opticians we value this and as a result offer prescription sunglasses that enable you to enjoy the sun in high definition while also being protected from UV rays through our polarised lenses.

We offer prescription sunglass lenses in a range of both sunglass and opthalmic frames meaning you are not limited by way of style and design. We also offer bespoke tints, gradients and colour in our lenses to ensure that your sunglasses look the way you want without any sacrifice in quality!


At Infocus Opticians we offer a full selection of sports eyewear both without prescription and with prescription lenses or inserts. Many items are in stock to view and more are available within a few days. At Infocus we have specialised eyewear for whatever the sport, be it goggles for swimming or specialist lenses for golf, tennis, cricket, running, or even cycling, to name just a few.

Certain prescription lenses, especially some of the more specialised bonded lenses may take some time to manufacture, so please leave plenty of time to get them through before you need them.



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