Our spotlight this month is on Silhouette eyewear- one of the global market leaders for unique, lightweight glasses that emphasises minimalism, style and comfort, using only the highest quality materials.

For those of you who might not have heard about this innovative eyewear designer before, here’s a little look back at the award-winning Silhouette’s origins and etho.

Silhouette Frames: A Brief History

Silhouette frames were first created in Austria, in 1964 by the couple Anneliese and Arnold Schmied, who endeavoured to make eyewear that served as a fashion accessory rather than just a visual aide. These works of art are all handmade, with over 800 workers employed to manually oversee the design and creation process from start to finish.

The founders of Silhouette eyewear had the vision of creating glasses with based on the individuality of the person wearing them and they were soon able to export this to the rest of the world.

Silhouette fever caught on rapidly, by 1966 countries like like Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Canada, France, Italy and the UK, completely embraced the idea of having eyewear as a fashion accessory to be worn with pride.

1975 saw Silhouette glasses being transported further into the fashion world as the first eyewear brand to be showcased on international catwalks. By 1983, their own plastic, called SPX, was created; the ‘S’ stands for Silhouette, the ‘P’ for polyamide and the ‘X’ for the secret ingredient that makes this material so special and unique. In the same year, they released the first Silhouette rimless eyewear collection: Silhouette Freeline. This soon progressed with the discovery of titanium for the manufacture of eyewear, and with this, the first rimless titanium eyewear without hinges: Minimal Art.

Silhouette frames are now recognised as the lightest frames in the world, because of this innovative and revolutionary technology and are renowned for their rimless glasses, worn by The Queen and A-Listers like Cate Blanchett, Elton John and MasterChef host Greg Sinclair, to name just a few.

One of the most memorable and proudest moments for this incredible brand is when over 70 musicians in the world famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra donned the rimless eyewear in international concert halls.

Silhouette rimless glasses have even made it beyond our planet to outer space, with NASA selecting the model ‘Titan Minimal Art’ in 2000 without any modifications to be worn as standard eyewear by their astronauts. These screwless and hingeless glasses weigh only 1.8 grams and ensure a perfect fit, even in zero-gravity space conditions.

Silhouette Eyewear- Unique to You

We admire this eyewear brand because they are continually striving to improve their glasses and sunglasses with new technological advances, whilst keeping to their traditional master craftsmanship to produce some of the world’s best glasses and sunglasses.

Silhouette also offers the wearer the chance to fully customise their frame, which goes back to the core of the Silhouette ethos: keeping the wearer’s individuality in mind. Whether you want a specific lens shape, bridge shape, or a specific colour; you have the freedom to choose exactly what you would like to see in a pair of glasses. Most glasses prescriptions can also be accommodated with these frames, making them universally appealing.

Silhouette Eyewear Open Days in London

If you’re looking to find a pair of Silhouette glasses in London, look no further! We are proud to be stockists of this niche eyewear and are excited to announce that we will be hosting Silhouette Open Days on the 25th -28th of July and on 30th July-4th August!

Now, you might be wondering why we need an open day when you could come in to see Silhouette eyewear whenever you want! For the first time ever, we have been given complete access to every single Silhouette frame from every collection to showcase in our store specially for you!

This is your opportunity to browse through and try on Silhouette glasses and Silhouette sunglasses at your leisure, with no rush, no obligation to buy and no pressure. Why not come and experience all of the world’s lightest and most unique eyewear under one roof?

That’s not all, as a thank you for attending any of our open days, we’re giving you £50 off a complete pair of Silhouette glasses or sunglasses if ordered on the same day.

If you want to find your individuality this summer, come along to our Silhouette London Open Days. Simply contact one of our friendly experts to confirm your attendance on 0208 629 1152, or contact us online to register your interest online here.