Rise, Shine & Run!

It is widely accepted that running regularly can have a great effect on both your mind and body (minus the knees, perhaps!). However, when faced with the unpredictable British weather, runners have to ensure that they have the right tools to help them excel.

Runners often attribute improvements in performances to finding the most suitable footwear and the perfect streamlined clothing. There is however one important aspect that is often overlooked on this check list: running sunglasses.

How Will Running Sunglasses Benefit Me?

To achieve your best running times, you have to feel totally comfortable and relaxed. This includes your eyes; clarity of vision and how your eyes react to their surroundings will heavily impact the quality of your run.

If your eyes are the first part of your body to communicate with your brain about what they see on the road ahead, then it is essential to equip them with excellent quality sports eyewear to enhance their running performance to the maximum.

What Are The Best Running Sunglasses?

There are various sunglasses that could fulfil this requirement, however our experts recommend sunglasses from Adidas Eyewear as the best running sunglasses for 2018. This brand is universally recognised as one of the leading sports brands worldwide and is renowned for incorporating the highest level technology and innovation in the design of their sunglasses. The finished product provides protection, flexibility and the best clarity of vision in any environment, covering all bases for running aficionados.

Features & Benefits of Adidas Sports Eyewear

Adidas running eyewear has been developed with the help of some of the world’s best athletes, to ensure that you can compete to the highest level too.

Protection: The primary purpose of any sports sunglasses should be to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. We’re all aware of the potential damage prolonged UV exposure can do, which is why Adidas ensure all of their running sunglasses carry 100% UV protection.

The latest addition to their sports eyewear collection is sleek looking ‘Tempest’, which is the runner’s new dynamic solution.

Lens Technology: Whilst running, you can also be faced with unpredictable weather conditions and obstacles that partially obscure your vision, depending on your location. These include: high winds, heavy rain, small particles of dirt or debris like pollen, insects and sand.

The ‘Tempest’ is built to combat these issues with Adidas’ own innovation: Vision Advantage™ polycarbonate lenses. These multi-layered lenses are up to ten times more impact-resistant than normal sunglass lenses, providing the ultimate strength and durability for runners, as well as being scratch resistant to prevent your vision from being further obscured.

When combined with the wraparound style of the lenses to hug your face shape, you are actively protecting your eyes from all angles regardless of you running conditions.

One of the biggest issues for athletes is eye fatigue, caused by light fluctuations from the sun. Adidas sunglass lenses have a variety of lens options with different coloured filters to reduce eye strain and adapt to light conditions whilst you’re running, enabling you to keep your focus and concentration on the race ahead.

Frame Material: The frame itself is made from Adidas’ unique SPX material, and has been improved so it is ultra-lightweight, flexible, shatterproof and allergy-free, making the fit comfortable for any runner at any pace.

The technological advances don’t end there; with adjustable Double-Snap Nose Pads™ for the best grip on each individual nose and Traction Grip that allows non-slip contact points on the temples to create the perfect stability, these sunglasses are every runner’s dream.

Prescription Friendly: All Adidas sports eyewear is prescription ready, whether you want yours put directly into the lenses themselves, or simply within the available clip-on inserts to accommodate all vision abilities and running needs.

So, if you’re thinking of investing in a pair of running sunglasses, be sure to look out for a pair that has adequate protection, with the best fitting frame and lenses for you, to help you run that last mile a little bit faster!

We are proud to be Adidas stockists and have a variety of sports sunglasses available for you. If you are interested in viewing them or for more information, just give a member of our friendly team a call on 0208 629 1152 or contact us online today.