As Middlesex County Cricket Club’s official sports vision opticians, Infocus is proud to stock the latest collection from one of the best sports eyewear brands in the world – Adidas.

 Adidas is one of the world’s leading sports brands and constantly strives to develop new eyewear technology to boost athletes’ sporting performance.  In 2008 they sent a team of vision specialists to India to join the England Lions Cricket Club on tour. Here, they carried out intensive analysis of Adidas sports sunglasses, testing the effects of different frames and lens types on eye speed, fatigue and eye protection.

Tests complete, the England Cricket team selected two frames – Adidas Adivista and T-Sight – fitted with Light Stabilising Technology (LST) lenses to help players’ eyes adapt to changing light conditions.

Here at Infocus we’re proud to stock the next generation of Adidas eyewear for cycling, trail running and cricket. Each pair comes fitted with a range of extraordinary features to boost your sporting performance on the pitch including:

  • Vision Advantage™ polycarbonate lenses ensure utmost durability, clarity and protection against UV rays.
  • Light Stabilising Technology (LST) is built into Adidas lenses to help fielders and batsmen cope with variable light conditions. For example, LST trail silver and LST vario lenses reduce blue and green light and emphasize the red end of the spectrum to help the cricket ball stand out against the background.
  • Double-Snap Nose Bridge™ enables the wearer to adjust frames for absolute comfort and avoid pinching pressure.
  • Quick-Change Lens System™ features interchangeable lenses that can be switched in and out depending on light conditions.
  • FIT™ temples allow each pair to be adapted to each wearer’s unique head shape, whilst the angle of the sunglasses can be adjusted to minimise glare depending on the sun’s position.
  • Prescription optical lenses can be clipped into Adidas sunglasses.

We offer a free Adidas Sports Eyewear consultation to help you discover your perfect pair of cricket sunglasses.  Here’s a round up of our top five frames:

  • Adidas Advista

Favoured by the England Cricket squad, Advista frames offer a panoramic field of vision and exceptional comfort throughout every game.  Non-slip temple coatings ensure your eyewear stays in place run after run, whilst quick-release technology guards against breakage on impact.

  • Adidas AD05 Zonyk Aero Pro L


Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid is a big fan of Adidas Zonyk Aero Pro sunglasses which were originally developed with the world’s leading road cycling team to minimise glare and maximise streamlined performance. The half-rim design enhances peripheral vision whilst the removable sweat blocker prevents slippage, making them a great pair of shades for the cricket pitch.

  • Adidas Evil Eye Half Rim Pro S

The Evil Eye incorporates superior custom-designed technology to reward you with an uncompromised vision experience.  Prioritising durability and comfort, these lightweight super-polyamide frames feature a wraparound design to shield your eyes from all angles, exceptional Climacool® ventilation and a lens lock system to give you maximum flexibility when swapping lenses to differing light conditions.

  • Zonyk Aero Midcut BA

Lightweight, steam-lined, with interchangeable lenses, these frames prioritise boosting speed and comfort making them the ideal model for batsmen going for a record run-streak.

  • Adidas Evolver

Snap hinges, nose pads and streamlined shapes make Evolver shades a must-have investment for any discerning sportsperson.  Super lightweight SPX materials ensure absolute comfort and durability, whilst traction grip temple coating keeps the frames secure during fast-paced activity.

Imranali on our recent trip to Lord’s Cricket Ground to meet with all the players and coaches. He here is with Dawid Malan – Middlesex cricket captain and one of our loyal patients. He is also part of the England cricket team.

As the official opticians for Middlesex County Cricket Club, we regularly work with the cricketers and coaches to enhance their visual potential year after year. We are consistently rated one of the best opticians in Marylebone, London and are experts in sports vision assessments. During these one-hour appointments we carry out highly specialised tests to assess accuracy, hand-eye coordination and peripheral vision. Your results form the basis of a personalised action plan to help optimise your sporting performance and Adidas sports sunglasses could form a part of this.

So, if you’re interested in boosting your sporting prowess and protecting your vision this summer, why not book in your sports vision assessment or free Adidas Eyewear consultation to find your perfect pair of cricket sunglasses? Contact us online or call us directly today: 0207 224 7400.