Counting down the days until you can hit the ski slopes this winter? Whether you’re planning a hop to the Alps, a skip to the States or a jump to Japan, the mountains are a-calling. You might be ready and raring to go, but is your winter wardrobe?

We might not be able to help waterproof your jacket, but we can certainly kit you out with a high tech new pair of Adidas ski goggles. Goggles are a stylish way to update your mountain outfit this year – with the added benefit of protecting your eyes from UV rays, glare and debris – so get ahead of the mid-season rush and invest in some of the best ski goggles of 2019.

But where to start?  There are so many styles and tech specs to choose from, so our expert dispensing team has pulled together some handy tips on how to shop for the perfect pair of goggles this season…

  • Bring Your Helmet – You typically wear your goggles over your helmet, so how can you ensure the perfect fit if you don’t try them on with it? Bring your helmet into the practice to test out which frame shapes fit best and remember to look out for helmet-friendly features. For example, the elasticated strap should give you the flexibility to fit your eyewear around your helmet.
  • Look for Maximum Protection – For your safety on the slopes, it is essential that your goggles block out 100% of UVA and UVA rays. This not only protects your eyes from often irreversible sun damage, but also stops you squinting, giving you absolute clarity on the slopes. Premium goggles also often come with built-in polarised filters, technology that blocks glare bouncing off the snow. All our Adidas ski goggles provide maximum protection.
  • Get a Proper Fit –  Multiple layers of foam should form a comfortable seal between your skin and the goggles. However, too-tight ski goggles can put pressure on your face, causing migraines and discomfort on  the slopes, whilst too-loose ski goggles can allow debris and snow to get into your eyes. Our dispensing opticians are on hand to help fit your eyewear, adjusting the strap to ensure the foam sits snugly, but not too tightly, against your face’s curvature.
  • Ask About Colours – The rainbow of lens colours on offer isn’t just for aesthetics – each hue is specifically designed to enhance contrasts and boost definition in different light conditions. For example, dark browns and greys are an excellent choice for full sun, whilst yellow or pink works best in overcast weather. Think about the time of year you’re skiing and try on different types to see which you feel comfortable with.
  • To Frame or Not To Frame? – It’s primarily a matter of style preference – some goggles come with a chunky frame surrounding the lens and other styles feature a wider seemingly frameless lens. This latter style features across some of the best ski goggles of 2019, as it comes with the benefit of giving a panoramic field of view – useful for keeping your peripheral vision sharp on the slopes.
  • Practice Changing Lenses – Some goggles come with built in lens-changing capabilities so you can swap lenses in different light conditions. Some systems might be more fiddly than others – featuring magnets, buttons or pins – so make sure to try this process in the practice to see if it works for you.

So, if you can’t wait to get out in the snow, why not visit Infocus today to try on the latest Adidas collection and buy ski goggles in London? And for more information on the must-have goggle features, check out our previous blog post ‘Preparing for the Pistes With the Best Skiing Goggles.’